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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC 2020, Bela Pelosi goes to the hair salon. You use your own clippers.


Nancy "Bela" Pelosi, is eminently qualified to remake "Swamp Thing." No, not the Adrienne Barbeau character. Madame Speaker's breasts are covering her belly button. She's the ultimate creature of the swamp and if anyone votes for her in November, they should be made to cut their own hair forever.

You are officially, excuse me, retarded.

     Wasn't going to write anything political today, but then Bela Pelosi's imitation of Marie Antoinette hit the news. Could not resist. The doyenne of San Francisco politics decided to step over the carcasses of the people whose lives she, Willie Brown, London Breed, Gavin Newsom, and Dianne Feinstein have destroyed and walk her wrinkled ass over to a hair salon.

     The only impediment to her majesty's day out is that hair salons are closed in California. You can cut and style hair, you just have to do it outside . . . unless you're Nancy Pelosi.

     If you are, call for the horse-drawn carriage and step on the carcass of another ruined life as you walk from it and are escorted into Wash and Blow Out Heaven.

     Don the silken robe and sashay your royal self into the stylist's chair.


     Instantly, twenty years of your life vanish. Nancy, who is about 125 years old, didn't look a day over 100 when she left the salon.

     What she did look like is what she is.

     Nancy Pelosi is a hypocritical elitist. Her decades in government have turned this gold-digging skank into the biggest swamp creature since Wes Craven got Adrienne Barbeau to give us a glimpse of her considerable cleavage in 1982's "Swamp Thing," which is underrated.

     The movie, not Ms. Barbeau’s cleavage.

     Residents of Northern California, if they are still wearing masks and following 'the rules' should cease immediately. Also, small business owners might want to hang a "Piss Off, Madame Speaker" in the front of their store windows right next to the OPEN sign.

     But they won't. Californians have turned into a collection of room temperature I.Q. denizens of the Tarnished State. Spines have been FEDEXED to various other parts of planet Earth. What few men still live there dare not ask their significant others for the keys to the Testicle Lock Box.

     Useless ideologues like Nancy Pelosi are a reflection of their voters. She's a narcissistic, short-sighted fool, who understands NOTHING about the mistake she made today. The voters of California will elect this classless bitch until she is dead, and then for three or four terms after. Any understanding of where we are on the political landscape today can be distilled down to Queen Nancy's trip to the salon.

     She can go. You can't.

     Perhaps residents of California should lay down the hash pipe for a few hours and take a look at what this woman thinks of you. To paraphrase Vaudeville Joe Biden, "If you don't vote for me, you ain't stupid."

     Think about it.

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