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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC 2020. Proving Democrats have been Slipping on Banana Peels since the 1800s.


Vaudeville Joe Biden. Please watch "House Of Cards" to see what happens when someone becomes V-P, who is really the President.

We remain in Delaware, home of Vaudeville Joe Biden, who continues to hide in his basement. He is not taking questions from the press; allowing his handlers to do all his social media; and searching for a VP candidate who will run the USA, if Joe wins.

     All that would have had Americans in ICCU after suffering strokes from laughing at the comedy before them . . . in 1980.

     But now many adults, and those that vote, are perfectly content supporting a candidate with no idea of where he is, and getting to the point of not knowing who he is, to the most important job in the USA.

     Karen Tumulty works for the DNC, but paid by the Washington Post. She crafted the first salvo in the "Debates in person are not in the best interest of America" editorial. There will be others to make the same claim, make no mistake. This is to guarantee the demented Joe Biden doesn't have to face-off with Donald Trump in public in front of millions of Americans, who might get their first gasp-inducing look at The Man Who Would Be President, and his advancing cognitive impairment.

     Despite my lack of compassion for many people, I am not without it for Joe Biden. He is mentally ill, really mentally ill, not fake mentally ill like the accusers make Trump out to be.

     The people I have NO compassion for are the Democrats and the Liberals who see no problem with running Vaudeville Joe for President, and will manipulate the system to allow it to happen. The ghoulish mainstream media, will cover for the DNC. The WaPo, The Old Gray Skank, MSLSD, The Covid News Network, will all ignore Joe's obvious issues and focus on Donald Trump's tweets. They did it today with a retweet whereby a participant at a rally invoked "White Power."

     While I believe statements such as this are just plain stupid, on the other side there has been zero pushback from the press regarding the wonton destruction in the name of "Black Power," which is PRECISELY what BLM is.

     Don't kid yourself about that inflammatory statement.

     And if you think things are just plain wretched with Donald Trump in charge, stand by for a country run by a man who might not know his own name by 2022.

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