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A Race to the Bottom. Big City Mayors.

Jacob Frey is making Bill de Blasio look like the Statesmen of the Year.

Just when you think you have the worst political leadership, Minnesota goes to the front. A retrospective of the past 50 plus years of the Gopher State is all I can offer.

- Hubert Horatio Humphrey. I ain't making that name up. The Minnesota senator found himself as V.P. after the Kennedy assassination. He spent five plus years of his life cleaning up after LBJ, and did a lousy job of it. He also lost to Dick Nixon in the 1968 Presidential election.

- Walter "Fritz" Mondale. Recipient of the worst beat-down in Presidential election history. Had the misfortune of debating President Reagan after Ron’s first term in which Dutch managed to pull our chestnuts out of the bonfire which Jimmy Carter fed with his own unique brand of ineptness. He carried his home state of Minnesota by about six votes, and the District of Columbia, which has its own ongoing record of stupidity, by a similar margin.

- Jesse "The Body" Ventura. I am still in awe of any state dumb enough to elect a celebrity to take care to its governmental affairs. California catapulted Arnold Schwarzenegger into the gubernatorial seat. The best thing Arnold and Jesse ever did was "Predator."

- Al Franken. Mister Faux Outrage. Bad radio host. Bad SNL contributor. Bad comedian. I know, says the state of Minnesota! We’ll make him a senator!

- Keith Ellison. This is one of those guys that you can genuinely ask the question, "This is the best we can do?" AG Ellison has dodged more bullets than Keanu Reeves. If he were anything but a swarthy Democrat, he'd be chasing ambulances around Minneapolis.

- Amy Klobuchar. The scuttlebutt on Ms. Klobuchar is that she's an abusive boss. She's also fumbled away more opportunities than the Cleveland Browns, or perhaps the Minnesota Vikings? Other than that, she's a keeper!

     Finally, this leads to the current Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey.

     If anyone displays all the qualities of form follows function, it is Mayor Frey. This inept fraternity boy looks like he has the situation completely out of control. With help from the Chief of Police of Minneapolis, I am surprised the city hasn't been reduced to ashes.

     But it's early, so stand by.

     All this Gopher State bashing leads me to the NYC Mayor, Bill "My Hair is on Fire" de Blasio. L.A.'s contribution to the lousy leadership club is Eric Garcetti.

     As one radio announcer said today, "Jacob Frey is making de Blasio and Garcetti look like Churchill."


     Guess it's all relative.

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