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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC 2020, The Worst Year for America since 1929

On a Scale of 1 to 10, with Forrest Gump being a 6, How Dumb is Bill de Blasio?

For reference, please Google, Wilson Goode, Mayor of Philadelphia, should you wish to check the scale of stupidity in Big City Mayors. Goode might have been the dumbest politician with the smartest handlers I ever met.

After his stunt yesterday at Trump Tower, Mayor Da Blivious is pegged at Zero on the Smart-O-Meter, and moving down. How stupid do you have to be to paint Black Lives Matter during what passes for the morning rush these days, in front of the home of the man from who you're going to be requesting a bailout?

     If I knew how city budgets worked, I'd calculate how much money this publicity stunt capitulation to the mob cost the taxpayers of The City That Used To Know How. Given the departments represented at the spectacle, several hundred thousand would be my guess and I'd be low.

    What possesses someone to do something so blind and tone deaf? Does he not know the statistics of crime in New York? It has EXPLODED in the past few months. Every low-life criminal in the five boroughs is salivating over the spinelessness of the current mayor.

     I'd pass this off via my fave quote on the subject, "Never ascribe to malice, that which is incompetence," but de Blasio is so angry at the establishment that his policies are purposeful. He may be the only person who smokes pot and gets agitated as opposed to mellow.

     Might have to ride out this perfect storm.

     - Bill de Blasio, the dumbest mayor since the drunk, David Dinkins.

     - CV19, the overblown Shamdemic.

     - The lobotomized population of New York City.

     - And a collection of elected officials who can't run their nose.

     Strap in, folks.

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