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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC 2020, the Year of the Jackass


New Jersey's Phil Murphy made a fine decision to remove tax dollars from the city's coffers; crush the spirits of the long-term unemployed; and drive more blue collar/service workers into depression. Way to go, Phil!

New Jersey gets a bad rap, or so I've been told. It sits like the headstone of an Indian Squaw, New York City to the North, Philadelphia to the West, and Washington, DC to the South.

     For contrast, three of the most famous cities of the Garden State are Newark, Trenton, and Camden.

     That bad rap becoming clearer?

     The state's voters have elected students from God's Special Education Class as governor since the Civil War. Included in the pantheon of corrupt, morally bankrupt losers are Jim McGreevey, Brendan Byrne, Tom Kean, Christie Todd Whitman, Jim Florio, and John Corzine.

     To put it bluntly, New Jersey has voted their stupidity into office. I won't even bother with the All-Star team of Senators, but suffice it to say the un-convicted felon, Bob Menendez, is still in office.

     Enter Phil Murphy.

     His predecessor, Chris Christie, term-limited out, worked for eight years with the dumbkopfs in the state legislature. Governor Tubby got the needle to move in the right direction slightly. Tubby earned a reputation for intractability. Take that as a good sign.

     Murphy, the next bought-and-paid-for lapdog, was next up. Not going to belabor his myriad capitulations to the public sector unions who put him in office. New Jersey will be paying those bills into the next millennium. The state ranks just behind the brain-damaged Gave In Nuisance, governor of California, and JB Pritzker, who remarkably has made Illinois WORSE, if that's possible.

     New York State? You’ve read plenty about that.

     Topping the list of accomplishments is Murphy's fabulous idea to NOT OPEN RESTAURANTS TO INDOOR DINING two days before the Independence Day break.

     His reasoning amounted to, "Covid19! Run for your lives! No, wait! No running. Stay where you are! Don't move. Put on a mask. Beat yourselves with a whip for even considering going outside. Aaaarrrrrghhhh!!!!!"

     Phil decided the livelihoods of the people who depend on Holiday Weekends in the Summer to make most of their money, paled in comparison to six people venturing into the Garden State from Arizona. Someone should acquaint the governor with tourists. Without them New Jersey would have the economy of Albania.

     Donning a toga and crown of silver, Governor Caligula raised his hand and declared New Jersey unsafe for indoor dining. The plans of thousands cratered in an instant. Thousands more, promised hours, employment, and health benefits returned home to sit in front of a TV set where they will be further admonished to not kill Grandma.

     Cape May, where we are, went from a vibrant and robust Sunday and Monday to the usual collection of shocked individuals walking around looking for their car keys by Tuesday.

     Could governor Murphy at least had the decency to wait until the 6th of July to declare the indoor dining a potential health hazard? No, he could not.

     And there went Independence Day, 2020.

     Which was the plan the whole time.

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