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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC! 2020, The Year of the Leftist Douchebag


Since LinkedIn will do NOTHING about the proliferation of virtue signaling content on what is SUPPOSED TO BE a business social media site, I will continue to post inappropriate articles.

In Biblical lore, there are Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In 2020, that number has grown to 635.

     435 Representatives, 100 Senators, and 50 Governors. I'll throw in a miscellaneous 50 to cover such stalwart luminaries as Bill de Blasio, Jacob Frey, and London Breed. There are others too numerous to list.

     Despite complaints to LinkedIn, the so-called business social media site, it allows Facebook worthy commentary to proliferate.

The latest Cause Du Jour, George Floyd, is no exception. That is NOT an aside to diminish the death of Mister Floyd. It is an aside to call attention to the looting, rioting, and KILLING which started because of the incident in Minnesota, and has nothing to do with the crime. President Trump threatened military action, should the individual states continue to side with rioters. While those ensconced in various state funded compounds, watch as their respective responsibilities turn to ashes, the CIC decided to act.

     Pritzker, Whitmer, Cuomo, Inslee.

     Add to that quartet, Charlie Baker, the governor of the flaccid Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the ultimate political stooge, Gavin Nuisance.

     The Four Horse's Asses of the Apocalypse plus a RINO and an annelid.

     Massachusetts, land of the brain-damaged, still think the trash known as the Kennedys, is a worthwhile family anointed to serve at the political forefront. Perhaps Chappaquiddick never happened? Joe Kennedy was not an anti-Semitic, gin-running, misanthrope? The family is a collection of drug addicts; ne'er-do-wells, and public trough sycophants?


     Pritzker and Whitmer would like to permanently lock down their states, so the Federal government can bail out their decrepit cities and pay off their FAT ASS public employee's bloated pensions.

     Cuomo has had his 15 minutes of fame. Sonny, the leg breaker, and his father, St. Mario, have turned New York State into California East. An overtaxed, underserved outpost, soon to lose its signature city, the one with the redundant name.

     Inslee has Washington on a collision course with Socialism and a Seattle that will soon resemble parts of the Middle-East, and not the good parts.

     Baker runs a blue state, just like Mitt Romney did. And like Romney, he will have a political career . . . as a Democrat in Republican neckties.

     Gavin the Lightweight is the latest quota hire tasked with taxing the rich; NOT giving to the poor; and screwing up two terms. The latest California dope (Not that kind) can't and won't lift a finger to save private property and business institutions. I guess he has NO idea where all the tax revenue comes from.

     Is it any wonder these affirmative action hires won't do anything but sit by with a cocktail in one hand and a doob in the other and watch Rome burn?

     For DECADES, the clarion call has gone out to NOT re-elect feel good/do nothing Democrats. They have trashed cities and states, and departed, either through term limits or utter incompetence, after layering destruction upon malfeasance.

     And now your property is, once again, ruined. Your businesses crippled. Your psyche damaged.

    The Hysterical Left and Intractable Right will never, EVER learn.

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