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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC 2020 The Year of the Liberal Fuck-Up


Dairy Queen . . . as American as Apple Pie, which they don't have on the menu. Go and eat ice cream with butter fat in it and calories and goodness and if you try and order anything vegan, I hope you disappear in a vat of soft serve.

Dairy Queen has been in operation since 1940.

     The menu of your baseline DQ has nothing in it that is vegan, diet, or made with that icky frozen yogurt gak. If you're going to get something at Dairy Queen, please don't demand they make something they do not.

     Go. Have ice cream. Put butterscotch sauce and whipped cream on it. Eat it. Enjoy it. Leave.

     It boomed with the boomers. One store in 1940. Ten in 1946. 100 in 1947. Today there are more than 6500 in 27 countries. Go DQ!

     To show you how American Dairy Queen is, there isn't one in the entire city of San Francisco. I don't know when the last one closed, but I'm certain it was due to the company's unwillingness to do something the doofuses in charge of that town wanted.

Imagine how thrilled I was to find one in Manhattan. West 14th Street. I guess the Hysterical Left doesn't venture that far south.

     They've not chased it out of town.

     And, doubly thrilled to find one here in Groton, Connecticut, our hideout for the past two months. Since I do possess some willpower, I managed to avoid steering the rental car into the parking lot every day, Covid19 restrictions or not.

     But today I caved.

     Large banana milkshake.

     Outstanding. Everything I love about America.

     590 calories.

     Glad we leave on Thursday.

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