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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC 2020, The Year the Hysterical Left F&%KED Us


Hizzoner Bill de Blasio. If Rudy Giuliani were mayor, CV19 would be treated as a fucking head cold, and not the plague, which is the de Blasio way.

Returning to Manhattan today after three months traveling between Connecticut, Delaware, and New Jersey. Would normally be upbeat about heading back home, but all that island is now is Oklahoma with higher rent. Don't know what to do during our incarceration there, but entertainment and culture, the reasons we moved back, is still limited. Bill Da Blivious is still mayor.

     Sonny "The Ventilator" Cuomo is still governor.

     The Shamdemic is still the Shamdemic.

     Just prior to the weekend, two of the bigger "One Size Fits None" elected officials, Jersey Phil Murphy and Hizzoner of NYC, delayed the opening of indoor dining in both the Garden State and the Big Apple. This the day before the 4th of July Holiday. I'm sure this avoided lots of asymptomatic cases of CV19. It also destroyed the livelihoods of thousands of people; cratered small businesses; and gave the people of both jurisdictions less hope than occurred during the Carter Administration.

     With the ongoing dopiness of mask wearing, and the continued Byzantine requirements foisted on businesses by the grace of the stooges in elected office, we are stuck in neutral.

     Yes, lots of people are back at work, but more should be. Continuing any form of lockdown, particularly when you allow protesting and rioting, is hypocrisy of the highest.

     I look forward to Cuomo's pronunciations of DEATH should we not socially distance, or wear a muzzle. I also look forward to Mayor de Blasio's daily march in front of the firing squad he appears to be looking at when his dilated pupils stare into a camera lens.

     But most of all I look forward to the symphony, the ballet, dance class, kickboxing, jazz in the Village, comedy anywhere, dinner INSIDE, and not looking at de Blasio again.

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