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A Price on Mister Softee's, Uh, Head?

A Chicago reporter has taken on The Good Humor man. His crime? Selling ice cream to children!

This may be a new low, but given the genuine stupidity of the United States of America, particularly at the gubernatorial level, stay tuned. There will be more ratting out by the rodent population of the U.S. I guarantee it.

Yesterday, an ambitious reporter broke a huge story about illegal activity in the Midwest metropolis of Chicago. Was it . . .

Gun Running for Drive-By Shootings?

No Bid Contracts for City Infrastructure?

Unearthing the Dead Democrat Voting Roles?

No. The intrepid reporter turned in the Good Humor Man for [DRAMATIC MUSIC] selling ice cream to children! This has got to be on a scale with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, or Sacco and Vanzetti, or Bernie Madoff. Doesn’t it?

Selling ice cream to children! Good God!

As much as I appreciate the reporter's vigilance in pursuing The Man in the White Pants, isn't there anything else going on in the Blowhard City that might need his attention?

To whit;

The narcissistic Mayor got a new hairdo AFTER closing all hair salons to the Plebes.

The fascistic Mayor threatened violators of the arbitrary Mask, SIP, Gloves, etcetera policies, during a speech in which she violated the Mask, SIP, and Gloves etcetera policies.

The, I'll say it, RETARDED Mayor is driving the Blowhard City even further into debt by allowing herself to be sodomized by the public sector unions. The only person smearing more Vaseline on their keisters is the governor, JB Pritzker.

This is where we are, folks. It is indeed, The Time of The Stupids.

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