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Anthony Fauci needs to be removed from the CV19 debate. He's nothing but an improvising doofus with a penchant to self-contradict.

After watching Doctor Nosferatu, Anthony Fauci testify to the Senate, from the disorganized confines of his home office, I was led to believe that NO ONE would want to see this MD for even a hangnail given the state of his bookshelves. Doesn't anyone in that place own a vacuum cleaner?

     Given his performance that was along the lines of a low-volume Howard Beale, I have decided to take some steps in order to shove us through to the other side of the CV19 Pandemic.

     Unless you know something that more people know than don't, please stop wearing a mask while driving a car. You look like an extra from Point Break.

     Please stop wearing a mask while running through the park. You look like you missed the getaway car.

     Stop calling it Social Distancing. You are Physical Distancing. If we start Social Distancing, we lose to the bureaucrats.

     It's not a Flu VACCINE. It's a Flu shot. There is NO FLU VACCINE. If you are waiting for a CV19 Vaccine, you will be older than Nancy Pelosi by the time it arrives, if at all.

     Children do NOT need absolute and total immunity to CV19 to go back to school. Children are immune to much, save for polio, smallpox, etcetera. Oddly, the things children are not immune to have VACCINES. Given the little buggers ability to throw off colds, flu, and other icky things.

     Doctor Nosferatu is not the end all and be all of CV19 behavior. He has been wrong and given the wrong advice so often that it's time to do the exact opposite of what the little mealy-mouthed garden gnome dropout suggests.

     And until WE THE PEOPLE do that, it won't happen, because the only thing bureaucrats like more than power is more power.

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