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Had Enough Yet? Evidently Not.

A Q&A for all you Capitulating in Place.

This will be more of a Q & A than an article. Get a pencil and a piece of paper. I'll be collecting your responses at the end of the Stupidity Currently Engulfing Us.

Q: Every time some Hollywood Celeb or room temperature IQ news anchor tells you to "Stay Safe" and "We're All In This Together" do you;

- Scream

- Destroy your (TV, Radio, Computer)

- Punch yourself in the face . . . repeatedly

Q: Who is going to win Dumbass Politician of the Year?

- Gretchen Whitmer

- Bill de Blasio

- Phil Murphy

Q: What is Andrew "Sonny" Cuomo's favorite word?

- Ventilators

- Ventilators

- Ventilators

Q: What is Andrew "Sonny" Cuomo's second favorite word?

- Meatball

- Mom

- Ventilator

Q: Why haven't any businesses in NYC reopened?

- Bill de Blasio is a stoner with no clue as to what is actually going on.

- Andrew Cuomo panicked when his blood sugar dropped due to meatless spaghetti sauce.

- Any chance to stick it to Donald Trump is worth the carnage being caused to lives, livelihoods, and citizens.

Q: How many beds did the Javits Center Hospital fill in the last month?

- Zero

- A few more than Zero

- Basically, Zero

Q: How many beds did the Central Park Temp Hospital fill in the last month?

- Zero

- A few more than Zero

- Basically, Zero

Q: Which Democratic politician is dumber than AOC?

- None of them

- All of them

- Patty Murphy (Google it)

Q: What are the odds the Main Stream Media will keep a running total of deaths due to surgeries and treatments delayed due to the POSSIBILITY of hospital overload.

- One in a Gazillion

- Zero

- About Zero

That's all for today, a rainy one here on the northern Connecticut coast.

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