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The Labor Pool and Essential Workers

When did you all give up? When? When did you start repeating the mantra, "Oh, this will be the new normal. Get used to it."? Stop giving up. Look at the insanity around you, and tell me this needs to continue.

Yet another question on the heels of yesterday’s multiple choice slap at CV19. Some pretext.

"Essential" workers seem to have developed a herd immunity, since none of the hysterical so-called news reports out of the Coronavirus News Network (CNN) are reporting on the statuse of the curve on known cases among the sanctified government employee.

Therefore, if the USPS, which has been instigating some faux sick-out based on CV19, can work without fear of the virus, why can't Joe's Hardware Store open? Joe's barber shop? Joe's CBD boutique?

If there is a rational explanation, please let me know.

Didn't think so.

Here we sit. Too scared to tell the authorities to piss off, and what we do on a day to day basis is essential. Essential to psychological well-being. Essential to providing for loved ones. Essential to spiritual health. Essential to community health. Essential to physical health. Essential.

Since when do those who work in government dictate to us what is deemed essential?


When we let them. In six weeks, I've gone from compliance, to depression, to anger, and now, to action. I am no longer even carrying a mask with me. If I have to walk somewhere, I walk. I don't check what's in front, or behind. I am walking in public as a normal person.

And this week, I am pushing back at anyone who sighs and says, "I guess this is going to go on for a while."

I am asking "When did you just give up?"

Stop giving up.

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