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Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

Today, the Bay Area patted itself on the back with a plethora of articles on how fabulously they Flattened the Curve . . . and how stupidly they extended the lockdown.

After two days off bashing what I refer to as The Time of the Great Capitulation, I am back to draw comparisons between the United States and France. The Hysterical Left will, ostensibly, enjoy the side-by-side because over the past few decades I've heard much about "The French." How The French would do something. The French and their brilliant health care system. The French and their progressive work rules. The French and the country's kind and noble approach to immigration.

Everything but the French and their flaccid response to any adversity.

The French are the blanks in the handgun of self-defense. I wouldn't be looking to them for anything more than overpriced wine and bad hospitality services in restaurants and hotels.

But here we are. America has treated CV19 as though we were Nouveau Gaelicou. The population was told to surrender to Big Brother and we could not get that white flag up soon enough, then take it down to fashion a face mask according to YouTube instructions. We took this brilliant stitchery and posted pictures of it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Finally, we hit the Virtue Signal and basked in the glory of same-minded stooges pressing the "Like" button.

Is it any wonder the Interverse is filled with articles on how brilliant the Bay Area was in Over-Flattening the Curve . . . but EXTENDING the lockdown?


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