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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC! - A flashback to the Execrable year of 2020


Wearing a mask to stop a virus is like putting up chicken wire to stop mosquitos.

     Hey, look! The author didn't use the term Native American!

     About the least of my not politically correct sins.

     A short entry for today, as our return to New York City for reasons of dental work and a visit to the vet by the 15 year old golden retriever for a senior wellness exam took up most of my time.

     Thank God.

     My last visit to The City That Used To Know How was on April 22nd. That day, I might have been mistaken for Will Smith in "I Am Legend," minus the swarthy complexion and German Shepherd, since I was the only person on the street during my walk from 60th and West End Avenue to 46th and 5th Avenue.

     Today, my route included many more pedestrians, but it didn't convince me that New York City had gone anywhere in a positive direction in throwing off the hysteria of CV19. Most of the submissives wore face masks. Despite lots of info about the contagion-neutrality of them, people who used to eat railroad spikes for breakfast strapped Capitulation Chic on their mugs and walked Manhattan as though this was okay.

     It's not.

     Either stop listening to Bill de Blasio and the dolts in the health department, or move back to Des Moines.

     Here's a check for $28. Give the place back to the Indians.

     You don't deserve it.

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