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The Hilarious Covid-19 Pandemic A Lesson in Socialism for the Squishes


If you want a taste of Socialism, try and get a Driver’s license in NYC after moving from another state. I dare you.

Off to Albany. Yes, Albany. Two plus hours from NYC.

     It is the CLOSEST DMV office I could make a reservation to FINALLY exchange my California Driver’s License. Prior to leaving San Francisco, I used the local offices on several occasions with and without reservations. Not easy, but not this hard.

     "It's a leper colony down there" to quote Jerry Seinfeld.

     I'm the leper given how the ever helpful employees treated me.

     But to Albany! I have gathered all documentation required by the even more "helpful" on-line site, constructed by the same incompetent dopes who built Have filled out my MV44 and my MV166. AND gotten an eye test locally here in NYC just to save my fellow lepers some time and trouble.

     Please stand by for a full report to come during Day 20 from The City That Used To Know How.

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