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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC A Look Back at the Puke-Inducing Year, 2020

Americans to Cuomo - Drop Dead!

The dead broke states of New York, Illinois, and California are at the forefront of an extortion effort. In the lead is the Empire State, led by Andrew "The Ventilator" Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo is holding the United States and everyone living in it hostage. Like most members of the mob, he is not doing it alone. No. Bill de Blasio is his New York City helpmate. JB Pritzker, his capo in Illinois. Gretchen Whitmer, the moll in charge of Michigan. Village Idiot Gavin Newsom has the flaccid citizenry of California in a chokehold of unfunded union pension liabilities. Phil Murphy has purposefully cratered New Jersey. And not that anyone cares, but Pennsylvania has capitulated to the governor that no one knows.

     While most states, and some large urban areas, have escaped the oppressive rule for decades by Say Everything / Do Nothing Democrats, the above mentioned have not been so fortunate.

Cuomo, though, is the Don. The cool Mafioso who sat there at his press conferences filling New Yorkers with confidence that CV19 would be eradicated. First, if we flattened the curve, which we did. Then if we would just hold on a little longer . . . And six weeks later, if we would just hold on a little longer . . .

      Here we sit, holding on a little longer. And today, or was it yesterday, the capo de tutti capos revealed his true intentions for the destruction of small and medium sized business owners in the Empire State.

      A federal bailout of the state that never met a tax increase it didn't like.

     As he so deftly put it, and I paraphrase, " . . . you can't just tell us to go to Hell." I remember Abe Beame saying something similar before Jerry Ford bailed out NYC in 1974? 1975?

     Why is that Sonny Cuomo? You abused your tax base. You, Ed Koch, David Dinkins, Saint Mario Cuomo. You funded the public sector employees contracts (Are you listening, Gavin? Willie Brown? Mayor Daley?) at the expense of the people. You let the subway system call the shots. You allowed the teachers unions to destroy the schools which employ them.

     You did it.

     And the more fiscally responsible are obligated to throw you a life preserver? You've been waiting for the hail Mary for years. And maybe CV19 is just that.

      You and the rest of the gutless thugs are threatening us with NOT opening up 1/3 of the U.S. economy until you get your payoff?

      Okay. How about a compromise? You want the dough? Fine. Shut down the press conferences. Stop preening in front of a sympathetic press and discuss the following with the jackasses who got us here:

- Rollbacks on all union contracts

- Concessions on all existing pensions

- Furlough of 10% of all government staff, which will be the average unemployment rate of the private sector next year.


     Now shut up and get to work.

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