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From April 2020 through March of 2021, the wife, dogs, and Yours truly fled New York City. As a courtesy reminder, those dates coincided with the useless Covid-19 lockdowns.

For some strange reason, the family opted not to hang around a city which capitulated so easily to a virus. A scant few months later, data began to show masking, lockdowns, and restrictions had no effect on the virus. Also, Covid-19 disproportionately effected the diabetic, obese, and immuno-compromised.

Did we concentrate our efforts on those groups, and let kids return to school and people return to their personal and professional lives?

Nah. That would have required thought, effort, and vision from our political leaders. Qualities elected officials do not possess in the Empire State.

The road beckoned.

And though convincing property owners to allow strangers carrying the new millennial version of Ebola (Hah!) into their rentals, a house in the midst of changing residents became available for a couple months in Groton/Long Point, Connecticut.

Packed an SUV, and fled NYC.

In the rear-view mirror, Mayor de Blasio lit what little hair he had on fire. Governor Andrew Cuomo began a series of ennui-inducing press conferences on the pandemic, the end result of which . . .

. . . bounced Gov Leg-Breaker from office, but not before he introduced the virus to a truly vulnerable population -- nursing home patients.

During the drive north on interstate 95, saw the following:

- Fifteen Days to Hashtag Flatten The Curve.

- Stay Home. Save Lives.

- We're All in this Together.

Yep. Anywhere there was an public LED, those messages flashed. Turns out all three were another big, therapeutic government lie.

But an escape awaited us on the Northeast coast of Connecticut.

Surely two months (The agreed upon rental) would put America on the other side of the hyperbole.

Wouldn't it?

Of course not. Big Brother had an opportunity to push the population around; corral the free-thinkers; and keep the Bad Orange Man from the Oval Office. The last item on that short list? The most important to the Hysterical Left, who offered up a geriatric candidate in obvious cognitive decline as an alternative.


The two months in Connecticut slid into a month in Delaware and New Jersey followed by five months in Boulder, Colorado, and the year finished with a snowbird trip to Siesta Key, Florida for the Winter.

A full year on road. If the stooges in the various bureaucracies had flashed "365 Days to Hashtag Flatten the Curve," would Americans have folded? A realization that "We Really AREN'T All in this Together" might have entered the craniums of the mask-shaming sheep.

Or would it?

Not in New York City.

To this day, I still see people in masks, not only OUTSIDE, but also driving alone behind the wheel of a car.

Not kidding.


Given the tease of Fifteen Days to Hashtag Flatten the Curve, Yours truly decided to journal those two weeks-plus. Fifteen blog entries? No problem.

And ended up with 65,000 words worth of a year-long journal.

Given the stupidity of the pandemic response, the attempt to mock the lockdown efforts and keep the journal on the humorous spectrum is now the goal.

Hopefully, I've been successful.

Please let me know if so.

Enjoy reading about a twelve month trip through dozens of states; multiple cities; and institutional dopiness.

Time to laugh about Covid-19 and the overreaction to it.

And never, EVER, let it happen again.

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