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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Ah 2020, the Year of the Stupid Liberal . . . like every year


Less than two weeks to go here in Delaware, then we MUST return to NYC. I haven't dreaded the claustrophobia and ennui which permeates the town since I was a broke and starving dancer in the 1980s. I blame de Blasio, the biggest jackass since Krusty the Klown.

There is no making me happy. Well, there is. I am genuinely a content and satisfied individual who has lived a full and productive life.

     But New York City, and the Two New Stooges, de Blasio and Sonny Cuomo, are making NYC an uninviting and unappealing place in which to pay too much rent. Incompetence on that level by these two ideologues is, as the saying goes, a special kind of stupid.

     Back in the Pleistocene Era, when I was a struggling in the Big Apple, I had a particular dread for New York City every time I would leave my parent's home in southern New Jersey and return to my third floor walk-up in East Harlem. I'd see the Empire State Building and the Twin Towers (sigh), and my heart would sink.

     Another stretch of time waiting on tables; sweating it out through dance classes; and getting rejected at auditions.

     Tough life, but one I chose. As I've bored all of you several times before, I moved on from dance and discovered film production. Had a VERY successful career spanning both coasts.

     Retired in 2018. And moved back to NYC that same year. I embraced New York as this fantastic center of all things vibrant and cultural. The city of cities.

      And then Covid19 showed up. A contagious, but relatively mild disease . . . and what did The Big Apple do?

      Shut down like a virgin on prom night.

      It is now Des Moines . . . with ridiculously high rents.

      Lee and I fled our overpriced flat. Spent April and May in Connecticut and now June at the Delaware beaches. Am already making plans for a driving trip to Boulder, Colorado, the site of my wife's new job.

     Sadly, we won't be leaving until August.

     So I ask, "What am I going to do in July?"

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