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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Another brilliant move by the stoned Mayor of New York City. How does he do it?


Take two TRUMPENOL and call me in the morning. Actually, just take two and leave me alone.

Today, another reiteration by Woodstock Bill de Blasio regarding indoor dining in the City of New York.

     Spring 2021.

     The restaurant industry, already wobbling from the onerous and unnecessary restrictions of the initial shutdown, might as well walk into the delivery alleyway and shoot itself. What the HELL does Woodstock Bill think? We'll wrap ourselves in blankets and drag a space heater with us to Columbus and 75th Street?

     Let's flog something once more.

     If Rudy Giuliani, and possibly Michael Bloomberg, ran NYC this would not be happening. Both men would see Summer as the opportunity to reboot the restaurant biz, allowing outdoor dining to flourish while implementing plans to have indoor spaces open before Halloween.


     Decisions during pandemics, real or not, require courage, creativity, and political will from elected officials. Waiting it out, or imposing a One Size Fits None approach is certain to fail, as it has.

      Woodstock Bill has opined "Restaurants are for the elites." i.e. Bill thinks only rich people frequent The Dancing Zorbas Diner.

      Perhaps all his dead brain cells are where the information is stored that hundreds of thousands of working class folks are the rank-and-file dishwashers, busboys, bartenders, waiters, and cleaning crews in these establishments.

     Please stop denying there is but one reason unnecessary masks still adorn our faces. The Left is desperate to defeat Donald Trump. For a few months it appeared the virus might be the ticket, but like most Progressive efforts, overreach intruded.

     Larded on top of the restaurant and small business closures, Liberals decided to allow their infantry to riot.


     Antifa and BLM peacefully protested by burning down businesses; assaulting innocent bystanders; and fighting with police. All these efforts aided by a series of spineless Democratic governors and mayors in various states.

     Is this worth it?

     The Left is killing its "friends," and not through Covid19.

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