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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Another Flashback to 2020!


You tell me. Are we Soviet Union, or are we The United States of America?

Yes. That is correct.

     An initiative is circulating the internet to shed the useless piece of cloth currently virtue-signaling support for the ongoing pointless restrictions.

     Legal suits have sprung up in New York, Colorado, and California over various other inconsistencies such as salon closings, indoor dining denials, and hospital visitation hours. Do not be fooled by the apparent altruism of the public sector schills. They have no interest in using what few brain cells they have in order to initiate workarounds to allow restaurants to fully open; barbershops to cut hair without scrubbing up for surgery; and gyms to grant their members hypoxia-free workouts.


     They are determined to put the brakes on our economy; destroy Mom and Pop shops along with killing Mom and Pop; and lord their authority over, to paraphrase Star Wars, "the weak-minded."

     What will you be on Monday, September 7th, a day that celebrates worker freedoms? Weak-minded or an American?

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