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The Hilarious Covid-19 Pandemic Another Re-Print from 2020.

You want to put me in a mask to show obedience to the state and Big Stupid Brother? Fine. Open the United States of America for business. No exceptions. I'll put one on 24/7 and shrink wrap myself in cellophane.

     I hate posting links to support or prove a point, so I won’t do it, but need to mention it.

     PJ Media, a convenient target of the Despicable Left, posted an article about reopening businesses and the author would be HAPPY to wear a mask.

     The Liberals won’t do it because . . . Trump!

     Again, I HATE posting links to anything. The inevitable piling on starts about "Oh, look a passage from the Bible. Why that completely invalidates . . . " and people wonder why I don't do it.

But I am mentioning this, because I have put a number of hot takes on FB, and Twitter, and LinkedIn saying EXACTLY this for a MONTH.

     You want me in a mask? I'll wear one 24/7, but open every GD business that supports someone, their families, and their community. No more mucking around with Phase I, II, III, IV, V, ad infinitum. No more lies about why things aren't open. No more politicking around Getting Rid of The Donald.

     Open the cities and states, and I'll fucking shrink wrap myself in cellophane.


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