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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Another timely reprint from 2020. This one deals with "Higher" Education.


Am staying in Boulder another month. Hoping my I.Q. doesn't drop dramatically.

Yes, that's a general take on life, particularly that of the past 41 years since graduating from college in 1979. Articles report San Francisco and Manhattan have particularly well-educated work forces specifically, and populations generally. Given that both places managed to fall for one party rule, perhaps a tuition refund is in order?

     Don't know. Do know our current domicile sits next to the CU/Boulder campus. Waiting for the parents of the vapid looking student population to request said tuition refund. However, said Mom and Dad are either old Millennials or Boomers cavorting with family number two. There is no hope the indoctrinated will rescue the soon-to-be-further indoctrinated.

     This is a very depressing time. Mask mandates make a trip to the grocery store feel like something out of George Lucas' "THX-1138." And much as Planet Fitness rescued the aching joints and lower back of the author, the gym still feels like Aldous Huxley came up with the club's purple and gold color scheme.

     No anticipation exists that the nation's supply of feckless mayors and governors are going to do something as brave as lower the mask threshold to "strongly suggested" from "required." Gave up on that injection of common sense when Stoner Bill de Blasio decreed that indoor dining, the last hope of the beleaguered restaurant industry, would have to wait until the Spring. Don't think the Mayor is smart enough to know that Spring ended about three months ago . . . when Delaware, Maryland, and Connecticut opened indoor dining.

     Let's just say it. This Faux Pandemic is the last attempt, at least this election cycle, of the treacherous and toxic Democratic party to get Donald Trump out of their way. Out of their way to instill a more redistributionist network. Out of their way to tax more freely. Out of their way to bellow more platitudes over a population that woke up on St. Patrick's Day, and looked at the lockdown orders, and said;

     "Oh, I give up."

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