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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Another Warning from 2020


I must be bored. I watched two broadcasts of network news.

Made another attempt at watching network news yesterday. Big mistake. ABC and NBC (I couldn't bear SeeBS) ran, on a continuous loop, the following:

     - Covid19 Panic Porn, including schools and colleges currently experiencing a "spike" in cases. Bear in mind most have not been open long enough for the virus to take hold via an on campus or in class infection.

     - The "fallout" of the Republican National Convention. A series of political reporters weighed in on the dark aspects of the convention. The stooges were not referring to the conservative outreach to black voters at the RNC, a consistent topic all four nights.

     - The fires in California and Colorado. The network’s devoted 60% of screen time to the false information that climate change is the culprit. Not once, in all the stories about both states, did the phrase "forest management" appear. Not once did anyone suggest that communities NOT spring up in wildfire zones.

     - A puff piece on Joe Biden.

     As the shampoo bottle says, "Rinse and Repeat."

     What galls the most?

     The Panic Porn on CV19. This virus has gotten more coverage than 9/11, and while you can point to the ghoulish death count (Run in the lower third during broadcasts), what is also true and not reported is as follows:

     - Treatments developed by America to combat the disease, mostly in at-risk patients.

     - Fast-tracking of the vaccine, mostly at American companies.

     - Curve Flattening to give our hospitals more capability.

     - Acquiescence by the populace to lockdown, wash hands, stand six feet, etcetera.

     - At the bottom of that list is the worst of humanity, meaning Americans no longer seem willing to rip the useless masks off their dystopian faces and return to the old normal. Don't want to hear about the new normal. Human beings are not meant to live like this. Homo Sapiens need proximity and contact and conversations that don't sound like this.

 Person with “Biden 2020” mask: "Maldfna flak dnf apdnfand?"

        Person with semi-automatic handgun: "Muck Frump!"

     Bad leadership at the city and state level has us in a bind.

     Sadly, looking to them to declare masks optional; place at-risk patients into quarantine; and open ALL businesses without profit-killing restrictions is not possible.

     Once more, as in 1775, it has been left to the people to sweep those from power.

     Can America do it again, or are we too busy picking out matching face shields?

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