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Ned Lamont, the governor of the Nutmeg State, comes from the private sector. What that means is that Mister Lamont held down a real job. That may have prepared him for Covid-19. He reopened restaurants and retail by mid-May. Hair salons and other retail services followed June 1st.

Back in New York, Mayor de Blasio was painting “Black Lives Matter” on Fifth Avenue, and Governor Andrew “Leg-Breaker” Cuomo was fondling subordinates and sending senior citizens to their death in nursing homes, despite evidence the leading cause of death from Covid-19 was being close to death, i.e. old.

While these two uncaring political lifers were moving the needle in the opposite direction, Lamont started working with the teachers union to reopen schools in the Fall of 2020. Lamont did not believe the use of virtual learning is a synonym for “Reopening Schools.”

We enjoyed the beach communities of North Connecticut, and when dining returned, spent Spring evenings out of doors at restaurants in Mystic. I stopped bitching about the lack of open gyms. Workouts outside commenced using resistance bands, plyometrics, and hand weights. I continued these habits when we returned to New York in June.


New York in June of 2020 had changed . . . for the worse. I walked the mile to my dentist from our apartment on 60th and West End Avenue to her office at 45th and Fifth. I passed through an empty Times Square. If de Blasio and Cuomo were planning on killing the city, they were succeeding. Early riots destroyed so many businesses I passed more boarded up store fronts than open ones.

What few people did venture out scurried around like rats, and crossed the street when they saw my mask-less face approaching.

The word “grim” appeared in every other newspaper article. It summed up New York City perfectly.

The journal of Life on the Road Away from NYC commenced on Day 1 in Connecticut. Those entries will enliven my blog for the next several weeks. Prepare to the laugh about The Hilarious Covid-19 Pandemic.

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