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Looks Like a Nor'easter!

Day 10. Our reaction to CV19 reminds me of every prediction of Snowmageddon.

Confusion reigns as the predictions of The Perfect Storm turned into exactly that . . . confusion, as once again, the weathermen and women were WRONG. The usual hyperbole turned out to be a great big zero. A significant storm did blow in overnight, and rattled the fine Yankee construction of the Summer home we are renting.

To the Nor'easter. My good friend, and writing partner, Robert Brancatelli, one of the funnier people on the planet, used to stand in front of his home in Santa Cruz during Northern California rainy seasons and shout "Looks like a Nor'easter!” He did this every time even a little drizzle hit his driveway. It seems the perfect allegory to what transpired over the past month. We turned a winter storm into a Nor'easter, replete with people in yellow raincoats bailing out rowboats as they try to rescue belongings from the second floor of their house . . . since the first floor is under, well, about a quarter inch of rain.

Let me state, AGAIN, CV19 should be taken seriously. We should fortify our hospitals. We should bring all to bear that we can to lessen the effect.

But we need to not look at this CV19 winter storm as a Snowmageddon. Because we all know how those turn out.

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