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The China Virus To Be Fixed Through Chinese Water Torture

Get ready for the drip, drip, drip of the policy decisions of spineless politicians, none of whom will be brave enough to end the lockdowns in a timely manner.

Last week was Pearl Harbor according the Covid-19 hysterics, which it wasn't, in case you missed it. This week (and next week) will be filled with the promises of putting together a plan to form a task force to formulate a schedule to come up with a logical sequence of steps in order to unravel the stratification of our shuttered economy.

In other words, if you enjoy foreplay, but not sex and certainly not the promised orgasm that goes with it, you will enjoy the rest of April. Jumping on the Maybe/Perhaps/Could Be/In Time/Someday Shuttle Bus to economic prosperity, we will be treated to the best set of blue balls since any of you boys were 13 or 14 years old. For those of you fascinated by Presidential homilies between 1989 through 2016, rest assured the 15th through the 30th of April will play like the greatest hits by any of those four dolts. Remember them? They'd get behind the Presidential seal and speak while taking in a tennis match between two teleprompters.

The blather to the American people went like this: "And I, and my administration, will work tirelessly to secure the freedom and prosperity of every American devastated by our current situation. My blue ribbon committee has already formulated a white paper on the next steps. I (or We, depending on the level of narcissism) will carefully weigh our options before proceeding. Sorry, no questions."

Any time a President invokes "tirelessly" rest assured they won't actually DO anything.

Where does that leave us?

The unconventional wisdom (That would be me) is something will actually happen when enough voters make it clear to enough elected officials that they will never vote for, or give another nickel to, the incumbent or anyone with the same last name, or who looks as inbred as the current office holder.

Not until.

Stand by for the world's largest circle jerk of 350 million people. Let's revisit this posting on May 1st, which will be here in what feels like six months.

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