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Don't You Watch F$#KING Television?

This is what happens when someone has an intravenous hook-up to CNN. Day 2 of remaining incognito in order to avoid the herd mentality in Manhattan, led to slaughter by the dumbest mayor since David Dinkins.

It took only a day for someone in our new secret locale to get self-righteous, angry, and abusive. I knew it would happen at the grocery store, the hallowed ground of all tightly-knit communities. It also occurred, as expected, during an innocent encounter between Yours truly and one of the locals.

As I walked along the dairy case, searching for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, my cart rolled too close to an extra from Mad Max, replete with beat-up clothing and underwater face mask.

"It's six feet!" Barked Face Mask.

I ignored him, something I'm not really good at, but since I felt my response would bring the local police to the scene, I opted for discretion. This did not satisfy Face Mask.

"Don't You Watch F$@KING Television?!"

Normally, this would have brought on a response such as, "No, but I worked in a related field for about 35 years. Did I miss something?"

But again, I ignored him.

During the shopping trip, I ran into the sanctimonious fucker twice more. Each time his cart jawboned mine at the intersection of parallel and perpendicular aisles. I think the mask obscured his vision.

An interesting fact from today's trip into downtown Groton, and the grocery store. The managers have designated all aisles as One Way, alternating directions like Manhattan streets. Clever.

Face Mask almost speared me once while driving the wrong way. Him not me.

Cut us some slack, you clapping seals out there. We're all not buying the near martial law of sheltering and distancing. You might want to rethink about what is actually transpiring in your city, state, and country, because it ain't all about CV19.

And it’s only Day 2.

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