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The New Place is a Bargain. And The Internet/Cable Hook-Up

Day 3 of our sojourn away from what the media would like you to believe is London in 1350. The Cable is still not working and I don't think I could be happier.

The biggest inconvenience in our new digs, after the marathon cleaning session that transpired upon our arrival, is internet and cable. We were promised the service, and, of course, it has yet to blink the green light of connectivity. Way back on Day 1, managed to get the television, cable box, and router turned on. I also MacGyvered my laptop to our streaming services and other sites which allowed free access to video. Any sort of broadcast TV, though, is non-existent. Hmm. Given the "We're All Gonna Die!" and "The World Economy Is Returning To The Pleistocene Era!" stories, 24/7, by such luminaries as Rachel Maddow, Joke Scarborough, Sean "The Leprechaun" Hannity, and Bill "I Give Up" de Blasio, perhaps I should count my blessings?

And have promised to finish my time travel book, "Time Blinked," by Memorial Day.

Been making great progress on it. I will continue to because I've got a great opening and ending. Will be posting the query / pitch letter when the MS (Manuscript) is finished.

But until the dreaded internet is back, and I can look forward to hitting the mute button every time some stooge in the media compares 2020 America to 1918 America, I reserve judgement on how much of a really good deal we got.

The town of Groton/Long Point, though, is cute, and a great place to walk the dogs. The residents, for the most part, do not wear masks outside. Will make the assumption anyone in a face covering in the great outdoors in from the Upper West Side.

Except for us.

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