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Day 4 in CT. We are meant to be here. Check out who lives across the street!

Across the street is a house owned by a retired couple. Until today saw only the white-haired woman and very white-haired man.

They have two young golden retrievers!

For those who know me, you remember I've owned golden retrievers since 1997, the first of which, Harpo Marx, might have been the dumbest dog on the planet. Sweet, but stupid.

Like most of America right now. Sweet, but stupid.

I will get off my jag about the bleating sheep and clapping seals walking around like badly dressed orderlies at St. Elsewhere in postings going forward.

Okay, I won’t. I can’t. What is happening here and across America is shocking and deserves journaling, which I will continue to do.

The reason Lee and I moved up here for a couple months is because we couldn't stand the Eloi-like posture displayed by the population of a city, New York, which I considered to be the toughest place on Earth.

No longer. A pothead blowhard like Bill de Blasio has a press conference; pops too much Adderall; and PRESTO! a gladiatorial battle erupts over toilet paper.

Really? Toilet paper? Good God, this is New York City. Five Points. Teddy Roosevelt was the Police Commissioner, for Christ's sake. Rudi Giuliani turned Times Square from an outdoor brothel into a market-based economic dream . . . oh, and it was safe for families.

And yet, there I was a week ago, surrounded by ofay girlie-men like Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert, both gleefully watching the destruction of the blue-collar strata of America. Their ecstasy on the level of mutual masturbation.

And what did stalwart Greatest City in the World dwellers do when a blowhard like de Blasio told them to lock themselves in a closet? Folded up like a circus tent. Now they trudge around waiting for the Morlocks to ring the dinner bell so they can end their miserable lives. Their behavior had me in a funk until I left for the grocery store this morning. Out the side door of my new neighbor's house trotted the beauties you see in the photo above. All was right again with the world.

You all can give up. You can all lambast me for not wearing a HazMat suit when I fill up the car. You can also all piss off.

I'll find out the names of the two golden retrievers, and respectfully ask that you all find your spines.

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