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Want Immigration Enforcement? Rhode Island!

Tried to cross the border into Rhode Island yesterday. Did not know the state was under martial law, and the National Guard had been called in to administer punishment.

Though this event happened on Day 8. I'd already published a benign, harmless, and boring homage to Martha Stewart yesterday before heading out to a beach on Rhode Island. Our rental lay just across the border from the Ocean State. After entering the state from I-95, signs directed us to a pull-off the main highway.

Manned by the friendly employees of the Rhode Island State Police, and The National Guard, it was a stark looking checkpoint for ANY out-of-staters daring to venture into R.I.

We opted to turn around.

I won't belabor the stupidity of these checkpoints. In brief, the officials are tasked with interrogating the interlopers; informing them that Rhode Island is closed until further notice; and that you must now self-quarantine for 14 days. Before the pig pile ensues, this is the information I gleaned from the state's official website.

We returned to the slightly more open state of Connecticut.

For those of you who find this oppressive behavior acceptable, I urge you to relocate to one of the more fun and free parts of the world, like the Middle-East, like Syria.

For those of you as appalled as I that this could happen in America, I urge you to join me in identifying the culprits and bring them to their senses. Us.

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