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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Democrat Malfeasance in the year 2020


Mandated Mask Wearing. Don't think it means stand out in the middle of nowhere with no one around AND KEEP YOUR MASK ON. We are a nation of cattle, stampeding to the slaughterhouse.

Back in NYC, as mentioned, the paranoia of your average resident of The City That Used To Know How, is breathtaking. At the top of this article sits a grid of the average distance between mask-wearing stooges OUTSIDE their apartments in the sweltering Summer heat of July.

     Sucking in CO2 and bacteria for hours doesn't seem to dissuade most New Yorkers from removing the useless cloth/paper/plastic covering to their faces.

     Bill Da Blivious , the Nero of The Big Apple, "mandated" mask wearing in public spaces.

     Don't think that meant once outside, Krazy Glue that sucker to your face.

     This 6'8" Doofus is too self-involved to remind the citizenry you might want to check the area around you. If it's free and clear of other bacteria-inhaling losers, "TAKE YOUR WORTHLESS MASK OFF!"

     I have taken up running as my form of exercise. During those 60 to 75 minute sessions, I see other workout freaks on bikes and on foot sweating THROUGH their bandanas, towels, handkerchiefs, and aforementioned useless cloth/paper/plastic coverings.

     Good God, are the endorphins so overpowering that you don't understand the damage you are doing to yourself? Have never seen virtue signaling on such a massive scale in, oh, forever.

     It is time to ask the question, "How long do we have to PRACTICE social distancing before we're so darned good at it, we can move onto the next stage of submission?"

     Oy vey.

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