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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Democrats HATE the United States of America


Don't support the Democrats. What have you got to lose besides lost opportunity, bad education, and the destruction of your cities?

Would love to adhere to some semblance of professional decorum on LinkedIn, but the site doesn't seem to care about the recent Tsunami of political postings from both sides.

     Have complained to them directly and am getting arthritic filling out the "Inappropriate for LinkedIn" sections regarding various articles.

     After several years (decades) of watching the Left move in the direction of Mao, it is a good time to disseminate the issues with the Democratic party.

     Since the flaccid Presidency of Jimmy "The Grinning Gargoyle" Carter, liberals have distinguished themselves by cratering various cities and states; destroying the black family unit; and turning our once proud education system into indoctrination camps.

     A few more achievements that won't get mentioned at the Democratic National Convention:

     - They've turned our boys into girls. Our girls into boys.

     - Any opportunity to capitulate to the tin-pot dictators of the world has been seized with enthusiasm by Democrats.

     - Their contributions during the last four years have been relegated to Trump Bad.

     - They moralize about Trump's female indiscretions, conveniently forgetting the abuse conservatives took while calling out Bill Clinton for acts far worse.

     - Liberal Feminists (Is there any other kind?) dress up in Handmaid's Tale garb, ignoring Hillary Clinton's capitulation to the philandering Bill.

     - They accuse Trump/Pence of Patriarchy and shout their displeasure from inside the Senate. Start at home, ladies. Plenty there to keep you busy.

     Much worse is the faux feminists refusal to take on the abuse heaped on women in the Middle-East. You want misogyny? Hike your butts over to Saudi Arabia some time.

     Last night, if memory serves, the House of Representatives recited the pledge without the words, "under God." I am fact checking that, but if true, understand the USSR and Nazi Germany were, ahem, Hell bent on eliminating the church from the public square.

      A music composer, with who I had the pleasure of working, lays out the contrast between the ideologies.

     "If you feel you, or others, need to be taken care of by the government, then you should be Liberal. If you like to take care of yourself and those around you, follow Conservatives."

     Both sound attractive on many levels.

     Your choice.

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