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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Democrats, Turds in the punchbowl of life


The Motor Vehicle Bureau. The latest government entity to vapor lock in the middle of this non-existent pandemic.

This has more to do with the idiocracy of the bureaucracy than anything to do with CV19.

     There is NO WAY a government entity can deal with the unintended consequences of their own stupid actions. The difficulty of getting a driver's license is legion. Jerry Seinfeld described the motor vehicle bureau as a leper colony. I'll assume the unfortunate victims of that syndrome have a deterioration of the mind as well as body.

     The effect of the hysteria surrounding CV19 has given every government entity cover when dealing with the "services" they provide.

     I applied and received an appointment at the DMV for April 24th. Of course, the DMV being even less stalwart than that other government carbuncle, the USPS, shut down its operations faster than a virgin closing her legs on Prom Night. My California DL is due to expire soon, and now that we divested ourselves of our Golden State home, New York became our permanent residence.

     The driver’s license odyssey as follows:

     I worked my way through the Byzantine DMV site (Do we really want socialized medicine? These dopes can't put together an on-line/mail-in set of instructions for a license), and after hours of searching, I've come to the following conclusions:

     - I cannot mail-in or drop-off my forms and documents with any guarantee of getting a driver's license.

     - There is no way to determine the fee for the license I will not receive.

     - None of the partially open NY State offices can grant me an appointment in person. Even as far away as Albany.

     - I'll need to find an approved vision testing site, since I can't get into the DMV. I'll let you know how that little nugget turns out later.

     - I can't get a straight answer out of the California DMV regarding the 60 day extension on my expiring driver’s license.

     This would not be at issue, if Manhattan didn't resemble the post-apocalyptic world of Luc Besson, but it does, and I am anxious to rent another vehicle and get the fuck out of here.

     Wish me luck.

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