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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC God, the Left are Hypocrites


Mask wearing drops to less than 50% at night in NYC. It is close to 90% during the day. Why is that? Because wearing one of these fuckers is only useful if it shows others how virtuous you are . . . or stupid. I choose the latter.

Solved! The mystery of the Manhattan Sheep!

     A Saturday night epiphany unraveled the Sherlock Holmes-ian stumper. Why do strong-willed New Yorkers walk around with masks during the day, outside, when there is no one else within 25 feet of them?

     Now I know.

     Because they can be SEEN. Other Virtue Signaling mopes, anxious to be taken into the Order of the Easily Duped, spot them wearing their haute couture fashion statements. As good little indoctrinated victims of the modern education system they feel a kindred spirit. It is okay to wear the useless face covering, even when the humidity hits 150% in downtown.

     This conclusion, that the City of Conformists do it so THEY CAN BE SEEN BY OTHER CONFORMISTS, hit me at 10:30pm last night. Out for a walk with my stray dog, our black African-American retriever, I noticed a dearth of adherents to the Mask Mandate. Less than half of the street walking New Yorkers wore the symbol of club membership. Some of them had it at half-throat, a sign of surrender to common sense.


     Yes, no one can see you're being a good little Go Alonger AFTER the sun has set. Fellow Orwellians can't really tell if you have the Sign of the Least around your muzzle unless the sun is out, or cloud cover is less than thunderstorm ready.

     The Central Nervous System springs into action after old Sol disappears over the horizon. The synapses fire. The brain reawakens. You look at yourself in the mirror before leaving your self-imposed asylum. The words escape you before you can slap the unnecessary accoutrement over your face.


     Yes you are. Four plus months of Flattening The Non-Existent Curve will do that.

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