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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC How Liberals Fuck Up Everything


We are now a society of invertebrates. We wear useless face-coverings; dare not speak of our Conservatism or Religion; and nod like automatons when someone mentions the music of the Indigo Girls.

For those of you who refuse to wear a mask taking a shower, the perfect response to the lamb's wool covered annelid trying to shame you, is inform the stooge you are protesting.

     Shortly thereafter, beat the crap out of the two-legged sheep, steal their money, and find out where they live so you can vandalize their house.

     That should cover you for complaints about lack of compliance.

      You're protesting?

      Where did our love of the rugged individual go? The United States is built on the strength of the single-minded. The undeterred. The stalwart. The generations spawned since 1946 are the spineless. The weak. The easily led.

      Capitulation is the norm. No longer do we confront the vicious and duplicitous. No. We praise them as the harbingers of magnificent, long overdue, change in America. A lot of this began with the raspy voiced Bill Clinton in 1992 as he touted the change the United States needed after twelve years of prosperity.

Yes, let us change back to the Jimmy Carter malaise. This was a fine country under his leadership.

     Or, the Hope and Change of the cool, hip, half-white dude who ran on, ahem, Hope and Change. Sure. Let's make some wholesale changes from seven years of economic recovery from the recession of 2000 and 9/11. Let's put some dope in charge who spent six minutes in the Illinois senate, and an hour and a half in Congress.

     But he was the right color . . . sort of.

     This has been a steady march for our society of Eloi, content to be cannibalized by the Morlocks.

      If you have any courage whatsoever left. Ask yourself a few questions:

      - Why should I wear a mask when the rioters and looters don't?

      - How come we're more than 130 days into a two week effort to Flatten the Curve?

      - How did I get to be such a wuss?

      Answering the first two is easy.

      Just read question number 3.

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