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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC How the Hysterical Left Fucked up 2020-2022


Sonny "The Ventilator" Cuomo. Now that the Jeffrey Epstein documentary has made the rounds, the next villain up for Netflix is the Affirmative Action Elected Spawn of Mario.


A quota/legacy politician places people with a lab-generated deadly virus into Over 55 Communities and Assisted Living Facilities. His/Her goal? To thin the population that is draining the state of financial resources dedicated to its aging population.

     Scary? Yes? No?

     Fiction? Probably not.

     If the streaming services to which we've become addicted weren't in the pocket of the Hysterical Left, you might see this real-life story brought to a living room near you.

     Sonny "The Ventilator" Cuomo, who broke his own arm patting himself on the back for his "brilliant" handling of the CV19 Shamdemic, decided that stowing known carriers of that virus into nursing homes would be a good place to put them. A few drawbacks to that methodology;

     - People over the age of 65 are the most vulnerable to CV19. Nursing homes, if you're paying attention, cater to a clientele on the more mature side of life.

     - Nursing homes are not hospitals. Anything beyond palliative and hospice is outsourced to, oh, if memory serves, hospitals.

     - Sonny initially blamed the Trump administration before realizing Donald Trump was the President and not the governor of New York. Sonny is the governor of New York. It was Sonny's executive order that triggered the move.

     As we like to say in my old neighborhood, "My, isn't that awkward?"

     Sonny has accomplices, which further heightens the drama . . . and increases the body count. Jersey Phil Murphy, and Gretchen “The Witch” Whitmer.

     Jersey Phil might be the Garden State's worse governor since whichever graft-driven Democrat was in before Chris Christie. Despite Christie's missteps, anyone with a brain in The Garden State is missing that enormous ass right now.

     Whitmer, governor of Michigan, is a fine example of “Do as I say . . . “

     This limited series has it all. Death. Lying. Double-dealing. Pathos. Loss. Cover-Ups.

     And a complicit press willing to give the village idiot offspring of St. Mario more slack than anyone who's ever dropped a line off the coast of Florida searching for Marlins.

     Just need a title for the show.

     Grand Guignol Geezers? A Short Circuit For Mom? A Shorter Nap Than Planned?

     Suggestions, please.

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