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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC How the Hysterical Left Fucked up 2020-2023


Spending the next three weeks in Delaware. I initiated a search for Joe Biden, starting with the basements in my new neighborhood.

As an homage to bloated filmmaker, Michael "Two Cheeseburgers" Moore, I have decided to search for Vaudeville Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic Nominee for President.

     After all, I am in Delaware, land of the finished basement.

     The search began in our rental, a cozy three bedroom just West of Fenwick Island in a town called Selbyville.

     Selbyville is as rustic as its name. A former farming enclave, now subdivided into beach communities. Some of them have lagoons for boat launches out into the bay. Some have basements.

     I inflicted myself on my neighbors, none of whom I knew. Mister Moose and Zeppo came with me. If you're going to accost strangers, take dogs. They're great for breaking the ice; picking up chicks; or instilling enough fear to get someone to stand still. Did not find Joe "Hands" Biden the first morning, but did have one interesting conversation with someone also walking their dog, a HUGE chocolate Lab named Barney.

     Attractive Older Woman: "Yes, my house has a basement. That's an odd question."

     Yours Truly: "I am looking for someone odd.”

     Attractive Older Woman: "Oh? And they're in a basement somewhere? [Laughs Merrily]. Who and why would that be?"

     Yours Truly: "Joe Biden, and he seems to like it there."

     Attractive Older Woman: "Isn't he quarantined? That must be the reason .You're not a Trump supporter, are you?"


     Yours Truly: "Let's go, Moose!"

     I let Moose off the leash and he sprinted back towards our rental.

     Thank God.

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