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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC How The Left Fucks Up Anything, Everything.


Mario's leg-breaking son, Andrew, is the governor of New York. So far no one has called the overhyped loser on his latest stunt. A 14-day mandatory quarantine for a state that only has about six thousand ways to get into it.

And the NYC stupidity continues.

     Sonny "The Ventilator" Cuomo put some muscle on Jersey Phil Murphy and Normal Ned, the governor of Connecticut. Wish the leg-breaking, legacy hire had left Governor Lamont alone because he's done a fairly good job of shutting his state down just the right amount, and then allowing it to open, again, just the right amount.

     But no, Cuomo can't take any chances on Trump being re-elected so he imposed one of those ridiculous "Outta State" quarantines. If you're from one of the states showing a "surge" in CV19 cases, which all of them will since most have reopened and ramped up testing, and come to New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, you will be forced into a 14-day period of getting to do absolutely nothing.

      Except to wish you had never come to New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

     Hawaii has a 14-day mandatory quarantine, but you can't drive there. You can, but the last few thousand miles of the trip will require a transfer from your automobile to either a plane or a boat.

     For those slow on the uptake, this means Hawaii has a prayer of enforcing the quarantine. It also means Sonny Cuomo doesn't know fuckall about back roads. You'd think he would, since he probably had to use them to make his getaway from a few situations, like when he would leave viral-broth, festering Covid cases at Nursing Homes in the middle of the night.

     To recap, here is what the Hysterical Left has thrown at Donald Trump, after the miserable failures of Russian Collusion, Ukraine, Avenatti, Stormy Daniels, the "E" tape, Bob Mueller, and Pencil-Neck Schiff.

     - An overblown pandemic. If Obama was still Prez, would we have shut down? Nah.

     - Riots by the group SBLM. That's Some Black Lives Matter.

     - Ongoing lockdowns of Blue States headed for Biden oblivion no matter what.

     I wake up every day, and thank God I am NOT a Liberal. What a screwed up, ass-backwards, self-destructive, unhelpful, narrow-minded, intolerant way to go through life.

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