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The Hilarious Covid-19 Pandemic How the Left fucks up Urban Areas . . .


Mission Accomplished. I can now vote, and get called for jury duty. Ick.

Bottom line, I have a NY State Driver’s License courtesy of the Albany DMV.

     Had I gone the route of trundling down to the DMV here in Manhattan, the following would have happened:

     - I would have wasted an entire day.

     - Some bureaucrat there would have found something wrong with my license, or other documentation.

     - The bureaucrat would not have accepted my legit eye test.

     - The picture would be horrible.

     The only item that occurred in Albany is my picture is horrible, but it is a driver’s license. It ain't an ad for Vogue.

     I spent from 10:30am until 9:00pm picking up the rental car, driving to Albany, getting the license (20 minutes) and returning to Manhattan. The same amount of time would have transpired here in Manhattan, but I'd still be without a license.

     Oh, and I got to donate nearly a thousand dollars’ worth of clothing to Catholic Charities. I used the car to find a location ALSO NOT IN MANHATTAN. The only thing that borough can do is paint "Black Lives Matter" in front of Trump Tower and assign 20 cops to guard it.

     As opposed to using them to quell riots . . . on Fifth Avenue.

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