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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC In 2020 Hindsight the Left Fucked up the Pandemic Response. Yes they did.

SONNY "THE VENTILATOR" CUOMO is threatening people who want to meet their neighbors IN PERSON; support neighborhood small business; and stop capitulating in place. Of course, Sonny did nothing regarding riots and old people he murdered in the Nursing Homes, but meh, "so what" says his stupid base.

Today, the tone-deaf, leg-breaking, legacy hire governor of the Empire State has shown his true self . . . again. Like his other true self showings, it is no surprise the man is a dictatorial elected official.

     After messing up the abandoned Netflix series, “Murders in The Nursing Homes,” blithely mentioning "Mom" with fellow room-temperature IQ sibling, Chris "Fredo" Cuomo, Sonny ignored the property destruction AND flouting of the Covid-19 restrictions during the (HAH!) peaceful protests.

     The Ventilator took the opportunity to threaten the people under his governance with a second lockdown. Perhaps the results of the first one were so fantastic, Sonny decided to indulge himself with another round of weepy, faux emotional, press conferences.

     Governor Tone-Deaf has yet to realize his 15 minutes of fame expired six weeks ago.

     Nothing about politicians surprises me. Despite the plethora of inconsistent data regarding lockdowns, and the equally plethoric data regarding the unintended damage lockdowns do, elected officials need to feed their enormous egos. That indulgence involves sitting or standing in front of a TV camera. They wave their hands a la' Caligula. They decree we should sit down; shut up; and weld ourselves inside our apartments. Sonny Cuomo gains nothing with this threat. Not after tossing old people onto a funeral pyre, and ignoring the tens of thousands non-social distancing criminals on our streets. I hope he continues to open his oversized mouth and threaten those of us who just want to go out and have a cocktail, a haircut, or a workout.

     Now, the residents of the state of New York are too stupid, or too lazy to NOT vote for someone whose last name is Cuomo. They won't do it. Go ahead and re-elect the guy.

     Just stop listening to him. He does NOT have your best interest at heart.

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