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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Lobbying for Amnesty for Whitey


Following up on the topic of the week, Reverse Racism!

Let the piling on begin.

     First, the above photo is from a publication by Pat Buchanan. So, please pile on him.

     In terms of discrimination and oppression in 2020, and remember I wrote "2020," no group, no individual, no institution, has it over Baby Boomer-Caucasian-Religious-Traditional-"Y" Chromosome types.

     Not one of them can compete with the daily insults hurled at people who look a lot like Yours truly.

     And though I hate to give away a secret, we just don't care. Most of us really don't.

     That's not across the board. I have one friend, a devout Catholic, who takes some of this abuse personally. He finds it difficult to fight back out of fear of not being able to provide for his children. I understand.

     For some reason even when I had a TON of financial and family responsibility, i.e., mortgage, car payments, fiscally irresponsible relatives, it did not affect me the way it does my friend. Perhaps if I had children, it would be different, but nothing else seems to have slowed down my vigilance, I'm not sure offspring would have. Who knows?

     Given that I am constantly hocked to take a more measured approach with my responses on social media, let me ask that the aggrieved NOT start their postings with a slap at old, dead, pale, Baby Boomers. When you do that, I feel compelled to punch you back in the face, which is probably the best thing for you.

     You want to have a discussion? Me too. In order to do so, please don't do the following:

     - Tell me that my butt hurts. It does not.

     - Use the words rant or screed when describing something I've written. It's neither.

     - Inform me that I'm a dinosaur. I am, but I am a T-Rex. I will eat you.

     - Accuse me of racism, without knowing my genealogy.

     - Accuse me of misogyny without knowing my significant other.

     - Accuse me of homophobia without knowing that I used to be a professional dancer.

     If you can constrain your urge to microwave the usual gak from your compatriots, we have a prayer of measured discourse. If not, I usually fake the jab before landing the cross.

     That's the only warning you get.

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