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Joe Biden, kept in the basement while the public is fed fertilizer.

     Elections of the recent past have the taint, "Voting AGAINST the other candidate." Okay, in some ways that's a fair statement, but even in 2016, opponents could at least live above ground for extended periods of time.

     Not so this year.

     Hiding in the basement of his Delaware manse, Vaudeville Joe Biden avoids cameras like no politician since the advent of television. And the reason is obvious. The man has onset dementia. Trump is accused of it. Reagan was accused of it. Vaudeville Joe has it. It will, sadly, only get worse.

     Is this a first?

     Covering for a debilitating condition in a candidate is nothing new. Roosevelt's polio, especially during his last two terms, forced his handlers to NEVER, EVER show him struggling with the condition. JFK's sycophants loaded him up with steroids and pain meds and carried him across the finish line to victory in 1960, and assassination in 1963. Thanks for that, you jerks.

     Bob Dole had such a severe war wound that his one arm had withered to a useless stick. He was never to be shown from a certain side. The press duly obliged . . . Sure they did. The fuckers shot the Senator from his "weak" side constantly. They did that on purpose. If Bob had been a Democrat, that never would have happened.

     Hillary Clinton had issues with extreme fatigue.

     This same press corps only displayed Mrs. Clinton in her robust appearances. Both of them.

     And now, Vaudeville Joe.

     Even when he goes on camera, his speech is slurred, wobbly, and slow. If you compare him during the campaign in 2012 and now, you will be shocked.

     If you're a Liberal Ideologue, you won't care.

     Because 2020 IS the "Vote Against Trump" election.

     The Democrats could be running a trained Mynah Bird against Trump, and Leftist stooges would vote for Polly.

     The Democrats are essentially voting for Joe's VP.

     Given that list, which includes professional hooker, Kamala Harris, and professional liar, Susan Rice, that trained Mynah Bird is looking pretty good.

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