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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC The Great Liberal Fuck-Up (2020-2022)


The only state the Liberals have TOTALLY fucked up in which I have never lived. Got close, but not to be. Thank God. New York, New Jersey, and California have been more than enough.

We have taken a brief detour to Cape May, just a ferry ride from Selbyville.

     The next four days will be in state of my birth, New Jersey. Along with New York, California, and Illinois (through my marriage), four of the WORST run states in the union have been called home.

     And y'all wanna know how I missed Massachusetts? Me too.

     I've lived in the Empire State, the Golden State, and the Garden State. The significant other lived in the Prairie State.

Massachusetts is the Bay State. Maybe I refused to move there because of the dopiness of the moniker. Don't know.

     One opportunity got by me, but that was all to the good. A very attractive young woman named Pat and I dated for the better part of two years. Not only could she turn a few heads, but was brilliant. 4.0 at Georgia Tech in engineering. Eventually, MIT came calling and offered a position at One Harvard Square.

     The last time I ever saw her was in Society Hill, Philadelphia. We had a meal at a wine bar and were sitting in the square.

     The conversation went as follows:

     Me: "I'll go with you. I've never lived in Boston."

     Pat: "That's very presumptive of you."

     Me: "Really? Since we've been screwing like rabbits, I thought you might . . . "

     She stood and walked out of the square.

     An in-person hang-up. How novel.

     And I've not seen her, or Boston, since.

     Too bad. Finishing off the Liberal Perfecta of messed up states and urban environments might have made my life so much more complete.

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