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The Hilarious Covid-19 Pandemic The Left. Can't Get Out of It's Own Way


If you want to sell product . . .

. . . annoy the Left.

     Case in point. Goya, the purveyor of ethnic (gasp!) foods from/to the Latino/Hispanic/Spanish/Etcetera market, had their CEO go, ahem, off the reservation and be gracious to the Bad Orange Man.

     Immediately the Hysterical Left calls for a boycott of Goya, which, of course, has the opposite effect. Every person, sick to death of the antics of said Hysterical Left, leaves the house for the closest outlet for Goya products.

     Or, puts in a grocery order for delivery, heavy on the Espresso Cafe'

     See above for my most recent purchase.

     Should you wish to warehouse your client's inventory and crater the stock price, suggest taglines such as "Toxic Masculinity." This will insure you insult at least half your potential customers.

     The Gillette example aside, Boycotts usually turn into Buycotts.

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