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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC The Left Could Have Screwed Up 2020 Worse . . . Though I Don't See How


Stop shying away from being around people again. ZOOM SUCKS!

Or, the Virtual World, whichever you prefer. Most of this disdain, all of this disdain, comes from the dreaded ZOOM meeting, Google Meet, and the incessant schilling for The Great Indoors!

     All of it is bunk, designed for the sheep.

     We are, by nature, social creatures. As much as my fellow humans have me glancing at the ancient tire iron I've kept since owning a compromised 1965 Mustang Fastback, we have to be around each other.

     Unless you're a twisted cartoonist named Crumb, then please stay away.

     ZOOM is a crutch. It's a stopgap to the aid the avoidance of other people. It's another invention by the introverted and asocial millennials to make sure people don't make eye contact; deal with conflict; or shout at each other.

     All of which we need to do.

     Courtesy Reminders; Kindness; Group Therapy. All are inventions by those who don't want to get in someone's face and tell the jerk to stop messing with them. There is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself and that means confronting the spineless who would like to passively-aggressively cow you into subservience to conventional wisdom.

     Buck up, everyone. You want to take back control of your lives?

     It ain't hard, but you will have to stand close to someone and learn to take a punch.

     And deliver one.

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