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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC The Left Never Misses an Opportunity to Miss an Opportunity.


The United States Postal Service. It has only been The United States Postal. The Service disappeared sometime in the 50s.

Many, many years ago, the United States Postal Service could be relied upon to deliver the mail.

     "Neither rain, nor . . . It's the first one!" - George Costanza of ‘Seinfeld’ fame.

     The post office, a failure for a half century, hangs on. Reagan couldn't dispose of it. Clinton capitulated. George W. Bush fumbled an opportunity. Obama held it up as some sort of model of efficiency. Trump has thrown in the towel.


     It's an anachronism. Falling back on the excuse that the Post Office is the only way that rural areas can get deliveries only begs the question, "How about putting them in charge of rural deliveries only?" The USPS is a monopoly. Give them a monopoly on rural delivery.

     And leave the crucial shipping services to the pros.

     This request will go nowhere. Entreaties will be made in Congress to not gut the workforce of such essential workers.

     Really? Where were those "essential" workers during the Shamdemic? Mail delivery to my building fell to twice a week. The USPS had a CV19 rate about 25X the national average for companies. Something stinks there.

     Not that I would accuse a government employee of taking advantage of a situation.

     The USPS will be around long after I've stopped complaining about it. Their work ethic will plummet to Dante Alighieri levels, and stooges in Congress will sing their decrepit praises because, well, stooges in Congress need votes and the Postal, ahem, Service is a large source of them, especially for Democrats.

     Speaking of deliveries. We're delivering ourselves back to NYC tomorrow morning. This will be my last entry until we leave for Delaware on the 12th of June.

     It has been fun . . . sorta.

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