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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC The Left. What will they destroy next?


Independence Day. Does anyone know what it means? Didn't think so.

History will not be kind to us. It will not. Whenever, and wherever, the concept of history is introduced back into the educational flow of our uninformed youth, if told with any objectivity, this current race of Human Beings will be judged as the most flaccid EVER.

     The Coronavirus, or the Wuhan Flu, is in our country . . . in spades. We know that. The most recent plethora of information tells us that it has an infection rate of about 2.3 (That's somewhat high), and a death rate of about .26. Now, while that second number is 2.6 times that of the seasonal flu, that is based on scant data AND is limited to those over the age of a thousand.

     It also requires that the catcher of said virus have enough underlying conditions to qualify for a pension out of the Andersonville Prison population of 1865.

     And yet, here we are, formerly stalwart Americans on the eve of the Fourth of July cowering over an uptick in CV19 CASES, not DEATHS, CASES. I don't know what disturbs me more, the cowering, or the lack of understanding of the difference.

Independence Day is OUR NATIONAL HOLIDAY. It is when we became a nation, and declared ourselves free from the colonization efforts of Jolly Old England. Men. YOUNG WHITE MEN signed their names to a document that, had the revolution failed, would have been strung up in the public square. Bubba Wallace would have nothing on John Hancock. Bubba's "noose" was on a garage door handle.

     John Hancock's?

     Above a pillory or stockade with John dangling at the other end.

     Years ago, on July 4th, we treated ourselves to parades and fireworks and flags and a tear or two. A day unlike all others where we thanked GOD for all that we had.

     And we have a lot.

     What we don't have is backbone. Somewhere we divested ourselves of membership in the family of Vertebrae. Americans opted for therapy, controlled language, and groupthink. A nation of individuals became a nation of "Go Along to Get Along."

As such the media will play us, most of us anyway, into believing in White Privilege, 87 Genders, and Marxist Ideology.

     That last one is my favorite. Centuries of evidence show that Socialism just plain blows. Yet, colleagues of mine will still spout, "Oh, but you've never tried Socialism the way we should try Socialism." Yeah, right. Socialism has long ago passed Baskin-Robbins in the headcount department of products. Every nuanced version of communal living, national healthcare, and big, therapeutic government has been tried out in the petri dish of planet Earth.

     The crucible of countries making the effort is legion. All those nations dissolved into a lime pit of dead bodies, dog fricassee, and compliance. All at the end of gun.

     And here we sit. A collection of the formerly great and once strong. We capitulate to the mob as easily as tying a shoelace. We bow (kneel?) in front of a germ as powerful as wet Kleenex.

     We chant the mantra of Some Aggrieved Groups Lives Matter.

     And I await the renaming of Independence Day, because we no longer are.

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