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The Hilarious Covid-19 Pandemic Yet another re-post from 2020: The Year of the Sheep


Conan the Barbarian slays Covid, the False Positive Virus.

In the span of three days, Covid tests have come back, in order:

     - Inconclusive

     - Positive

     - Negative

     Because of the variety of testing results, an antibody test was ordered as well as another Covid test.

     But the general population is supposed to believe the numbers posted in marquee style every hour by the ghouls in the mainstream press? Sure. Something emblazoned across Wolf Blitzer's mug is only good for hiding Wolf Blitzer's mug.

     Should the next test come back negative, a trip to NYC is planned for the day after Labor Day, September 8th. If the antibody test is positive, I will French kiss all the flight attendants, including the guys.

     Should Covid test number FOUR turn up positive, I will remain in Colorado with Lee and the dogs and take Covid test number five.

     Why is that, you ask?

     Because no data, medical information, statistics, or test results from anywhere are worth believing.

     That is a guarantee.

     And also very confusing.

     Perhaps that's the point?

     Baa. Baa. Baa.

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