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THE LONGEST YARD Dealing with Authority Figures

er deciding it doesn't matter the consequences. He's going to do the right thing and try to lead the convicts to victory.

The parallels to present day are chilling. We live in a society that has ceded the authority of their lives to the state, and, despite circumstances getting WORSE, we continue to acquiesce for "the good of all."

Paul Crewe will end up in prison for the rest of his life for daring to challenge the warden. For him it was worth it. He couldn't live with the specter of letting his teammates, and friends, down one more time. His fine character finally arrives, and he marches out to battle against long odds.

It's an inspirational film. A man finds his courage and his spine. The over-arching authority figure is exposed as a cruel and shallow narcissist.

And the second half is just bitchin'

Great supporting performances by Bernadette Peters, Ed Lauter, James Hampton, and Richard Kiel.

Prime Video.

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