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I missed the Summer of Love; Charlie Manson; and the Zodiac Killer. All occurred in the late 60s and carried through to the 70s. Did not move to the Bay Area until the late 80s. By then the folklore regarding these three seminal moments in the development of California as Kookistan were established. There was, and is, no going back.

And the culmination of all the stoned stupidity which started in the late 60s is the transfer of gilded veneer of California from gold to tarnish. The state is a f$%king mess. The major cities have crime and homeless problems which are off-the-charts even by Kook Measurements. The taxes (13.3% state tax? Really?) are confiscatory, and offer zero return. Commercial real estate is in the proverbial tank.

I can bash California later.

The documentary, "The Myth of the Zodiac Killer," is an engaging two plus hours. It proffers a theory that the concept of four unrelated murders (Total of five victims) were not committed by the same person. The only thread through them, and it's even missing during #3, is a series of letters penned, supposedly, by the titular serial perp.

Won't delineate all the glaring differences between the crimes.

But a few of the top level are worth mention. Thomas Horan, the centerpiece of the doc, puts forth the discrepancies with organization and resolve. Guns were used in #1, #2, and #4. Knives for #3. Couples were victims in all but the last murder.

And the first three murders took place in various public parks far north of San Francisco. The last one in the city.

While conspiracy theories are sometimes laughable, Thomas Horan makes some valid points with his pushback.

The documentary is worth the time.

Perhaps we'll finally walk away from a "killer" born of a decade of drug abuse, alternative lifestyles, and anti-authoritarianism.


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